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INTEGRATE WITH SYNCHRO CONTROL. Adding Users to a SYNCHRO Control Project and Managing Permissions. Open a SYNCHRO Control Project in 4D Pro. Collaborating on a Project in SYNCHRO 4D Pro. Choosing Between SYNCHRO 3D Pro Importers and iModel Connections to Add 3D Models. Re-submit Offline Changes. Synchronizing Updated 3D Models.

SYNCHRO 4D Pro Features – SYNCHRO Construction

Powered by iTwin technologies, SYNCHRO 4D Pro expands the capabilities of Synchro Pro beyond traditional model file imports. Our cloud-based solution makes it easier to collaborate across all projects. SYNCHRO 4D Pro: best in class 4D construction planning that opens cloud-hosted collaboration projects.

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A practitioner license of SYNCHRO 4D costs $4,000 USD. Prices vary per region. While there are various types of licensing available, a common choice is the 12-month practitioner license offered through Virtuosity, Bentley''s eCommerce store. When you purchase through Virtuosity you get a Virtuoso Subscription.

Synchro 4D BIM Construction Scheduling

While Synchro 4D simulation allows construction companies to achieve new heights in modeling, scheduling, and planning, true application and scheduling experts are hard to find. At VIATechnik, we have a team of Synchro Pro 4D BIM professionals, who have extensive experience using the software for a variety of construction projects.


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SYNCHRO 4D Pro is an advanced software tool to plan, schedule, and manage construction projects in a 4D environment. Scheduling and planning is critical to safe, efficient, high quality construction. While using 4D, the computer becomes a practice field where sequences, safety, special relationships and more can be viewed and discussed ...

Setup a 4D Project in SYNCHRO Control

Select the Add Users button and type your email address. Select Admin for the Role and press Save. After adding yourself as a project member, next you will add an iModel to the project. The exact steps of the adding the iModel will depend on whether you: A. Have an existing private project (.sp file) B. Have an existing Workgroup project (SWP) C.

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SYNCHRO 4D | Virtual Construction Management

SYNCHRO 4D is the leading solution for civil infrastructure, enabling teams to turn design models into construction models with model-based QTO, scheduling, and simulations.

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